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we're young but we're underpaid*

Off to work again...
Another day for being a human answering machine as Karl calls it...
We love the job, we like the account.... There's no greater feeling than to be appreciated (after several hours of resolving their issues) by those sons who were bumped off from their flight who wanted to be home after a long separation from their parents, by newly-wed couples who ended up having no hotel room for their honeymoon, by an elderly who was overcharged, by a dad who wasn't able to see his daughter for many years and was told that there is no reaccomodation for the flight that was cancelled... But would that be enough? After a long, hard day at work we're still expected for this MANDATORY OT just because they overforcasted the number of calls for a number of agents? why can't they do better in their job too if they're squeezing the hell out of our brains???
just because you're too vocal and you know how to kiss asses you'll be promoted? why can't they just appreciate the hard work of an employee and give the position to the agent who's worth it? (Im not sour-graping coz i never wanted to apply for a higher position, coz i dont wanna rub elbows with 'plastics'.)
why can't they just raise their pay of their tenured agents who were working their asses for more than 2 or 3 years than hire new people and offer them a higher pay? can't they notice that there's no tenured agent who's willing to sacrifice and stay for another year in this company? they aren't blind, are they? HAH! a premier account as what they say... indeed, it is! we're cream of the crops as what they call us... yeah, we are! but we don't need those sugar-coated tags to boost our egoistic selves. we want what we deserve to get... but you're too high to see that.. my bestfriend/cousin is right, we can't do anything about it coz we're the lower individuals who are working our asses to make you filthy rich.
i know i sounded bitter coz I AM..

10 more days and ADIOS!
goodluck to everyone.

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